BEG through its network of excellence embarks on a number of ventures to foster economic growth through talent development and recruitment, access to capital, and education including:

BE Talent

BEG is a premier recruiter for Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and a host of other significant enterprises. BEG is the custodian to a vibrant database of some of the most prolific participants across most key industries. Its access to curated resources stem from its long relationships that have supported domain experts in sectors such as finance, healthcare, technology, STEAM fields, media etc.

BE Investment Access

In addition to talent recruitment, BEG provides fee for services that connect entrepreneurs to key investors spanning early stage to growth stage investing, including equity and interest bearing and vice versa. BEG connects investors to well organized leading black enterprise with leading ideas and provides them access to a hugely untapped and underutilized market.
In addition, BEG provides services to bridge the gap and prepare businesses, entrepreneurs, future innovators and startups for strategic investments, access to capital and appropriate finance options.
BEG also curates pitch opportunities and industry network of black businesses that allow them access to a broader investment communities and partnership ecosystems and stakeholders

BE Training, Coaching & Consulting

BEG has excellent leadership and corporate training personnel tools that allow BEG consultants to provide cutting edge, training, coaching and business consulting services to a diverse range of companies regardless of size and sector. BEG is particularly unique in helping companies effectively leverage their diverse employment base as well as access effectively and fairly target black buyers . BEG is a leading provider in relevant Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) training globally.