BE Human Rights

As a leading global community organizer, BEG is a rallying platform that helps speed up favorable responses to injustice, human rights violations, economic, education and social barriers against black people anywhere on the globe.
BEG interfaces with government officials at the federal, states, local, municipal, and county government levels to advocate for policies and laws that empower black people provide equity and access for their positive development including where possible applicable concepts of reparations
Where necessary BEG will participate in peaceful protests aligned with its values and principles to see all black people around the world thrive and be free from institutional oppression and racism.

BE Training & Consultancy

BEG strives to proactively deter racism by providing training and consulting support to stop and reduce acts of injustice and prejudice while promoting healthy environments for black people. BEG collaboratively launching the most comprehensive, user friendly, relevant, effective and flexible Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) workshops. These workshops can be accessed on-demand, digitally, remotely and in live settings. Workshops can be purchased as modules in multiple configurations, curated to a specific environment.
Key Modules include:
DE&I in Government
DE&I in Non-Profit / NGO
Creating a healthy DE&I environment in the Public Sector
A healthy Economy starts with Healthy people – Caring for your Black population